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My experience has helped me to develop optimal methods of patient care. I adhere to international standards, individual and thoughtful approach to the treatment of each patient. In my practice I use only advanced technologies and quality, recognized worldwide.

Here you can see the list medical services.

Consulting services:

  • Doctor's consultation  (instrumental examination, evaluation of instrumental and laboratory research methods, recommendations, appointments);

  • Drawing up a treatment plan;

  • 3D - modeling and 3D - planning. 

Tooth implantation:

  • Implant placement Straumann (Switzerland);

  • Bicon implant installation (USA);

  • Implant placement OSSTEM (South Korea);

  • Installation of zygomatic implants (Zygoma type);

  • Implantation for total tooth loss.

Bone plastics:

  • Bone plastics defect (augmentation) of alveolar sprout;

  • Autograft collection (bone block or crushed own bone);

  • Splitting of the alveolar sprout (osteotomy, vertical augmentation, "sausage technique");

  • Sinus - lifting.

Operations on the soft tissues of the oral cavity:

Dental and alveolar sprout surgery:  

  • Atraumatic complex tooth extraction (dystopia, significantly damaged tooth);

  • Atraumatic atypical tooth extraction (retention, semi-retention);

  • Opening a tooth for orthodontic extraction;

  • Preparation for fibrin clot installation;

  • Removal of jaw cysts (with morphological examination);

  • Closing the recession in one segment;

  • Closure of multiple gum recessions;

  • Thickening of the gum biopsy.

Maxillofacial surgery and traumatology:

  • Functionally stable osteosynthesis of mandibular fractures;

  • Osteosynthesis of fractures of the middle part of the face;

  • Osteosynthesis of fractures of the chin-orbital complex;

  • Reconstruction of the walls of the orbit with titanium mesh;

  • Reconstruction of the orbital walls with an individualized polymer implant;

  • Osteosynthesis of fractures of the articular sprout of the mandible;

  • Closed reposition of the chin bone. 

Surgical treatment of salivary gland diseases:

  • Removal of a tumor of a parotid salivary gland with allocation of branches of a facial nerve through cosmetic access like "Face - lifting";

  • Removal of the submandibular salivary gland;

  • Removal of concretion (stone) from the duct of the salivary gland.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery:

  • Bischectomy - removal of Bisha's corpuscles bilateral (fatty body of the cheek);

  • Plastics of the upper lip (according to the Bulhorn technique, VY - plastic);

  • Rhinoseptoplasty  (nose and nasal septum plastics);

  • Upper blepharoplasty  (upper eyelid lift);

  • Lower blepharoplasty (transconjunctival) (lower eyelid lift);

  • Circular blepharoplasty  (upper and lower eyelid lift);

  • Moving molar bags;

  • Lifting the middle third face;

  • Lifting the lower third face;

  • Forehead and eyebrow lift  (endoscopic);

  • Platismoplasty.

Endoscopic minimally invasive surgery of the maxillofacial area:

  • Endoscopic rehabilitation of the maxillary sinus and osteomental complex

  • Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies from the maxillary sinus

  • Oroantral joint plastics (primary)

  • Plastics of oroantral joint (secondary, two-layer fatty body of Bisha)

Orthognathic surgery:

  • Single-jaw orthognathic surgery;

  • Bimaxillary orthognathic surgery;

  • Genioplasty (correction of the shape and size of the chin).

Removal of benign neoplasms of the maxillofacial area:

  • Removal of benign neoplasms of the scalp and neck;

  • Removal of a tumor of a parotid salivary gland with allocation of branches of a facial nerve through cosmetic access like "Face - lifting";

  • Removal of the middle cyst of the neck;

  • Removal of a lateral cyst of the neck.

Услуги: Service
  • Vestibuloplasty;

  • Plastics of oroantral joint (fistula);

  • Removal of retention cysts, adenoma of small salivary glands (with morphological examination);

Mucogingival surgery (gum plastics):

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