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Kobyakov Alexander Vladimirovich


Maxillofacial surgeon, dental surgeon, plastic surgeon, master of medicine.

He completed an internship in Cambridge (UK), a current member of the European Association of Craniofacial Surgeons (EACMFS), the Club of Implantologists of Ukraine, an honorary member of the Zaporozhye Club of Dentists of Ukraine.

Main directions of medical activity:

  • implantology;

  • oral surgery;

  • traumatology of the maxillofacial area;

  • orthognathic surgery;

  • plastic and reconstructive facial surgery;

  • minimally invasive endoscopic surgery of the maxillofacial area.

About 6000 different operations were performed in the maxillofacial area. 

Received 3 utility model patents, published more than 12 scientific publications in specialized publications and speeches at specialized conferences. 

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Rybak Vasyl Anatoliyovych

Рыбак Василий Анатольевич.png

Doctor of the highest category.

Chief dentist and maxillofacial surgeon of Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Chief forensic expert of Kyiv on dental issues.

President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Maxillofacial Surgery.

Member of the European Association of Cranial and Maxillofacial Surgeons (EACMFS).

Vice-President of the German Association of Oral Implantologists (DGOI).

Author and co-author of more than 20 scientific papers.

Vasyl Rybak is in the ranking of the most successful people of Ukraine in 2018.

Main directions of work:

  • Polytrauma, osteosynthesis of fractures in the maxillofacial region;

  • Reconstructive surgery of the maxillofacial area;

  • Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial area;

  • Dental implantation in complex clinical cases;

  • Modern surgical interventions with neurosurgeons (cranioplasty), orthopedists and ophthalmologists;

  • Transplantology, the use of plasma enriched with growth factors.

Kedik Alexander Anatolyevich


Doctor - anesthesiologist of the highest qualification category, candidate of medical sciences.

He graduated from Vinnytsia Medical Institute in 1977.

In 1978 he graduated from the internship in anesthesiology at the Pyrogov VOCL.

In 1978-1980 he created a department of extracorporeal detoxification methods at the Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital named after MI Pirogov.

In 1980-1982 he studied in a clinical residency at the Institute of Resuscitation of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (Moscow).

From 1980 to 1983 he worked as a doctor in the intensive care unit of the Institute of Ambulance. Sklifosovsky (Moscow). In 1986 he defended his dissertation on the topic: "Stimulation of lymphatic drainage of the heart in acute focal myocardial ischemia"

Since 1984 he has been working as an anesthesiologist at the Pyrogov VOCL.  

Gontar Ivan Alexandrovich


Head of the dental department.

The doctor is a dentist, the dentist is an orthopedist.

Main directions of medical activity:

  • restoration of lost teeth with crowns on dental implants

  • restoration of damaged teeth by composite and ceramic restorations

In 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Vinnytsia National Medical University named after MI Pyrogov.

In my practice I use an operating microscope.

In 2017 he passed the theoretical and practical training course "Modeling of soft tissues with orthopedic structures in the area of implants", Steigmann Implant Institute. Heidelberg, Germany. 

Likhitsky Alexey Alekseevich


Maxillofacial - bioengineer, surgeon - dentist. Candidate of Medical Sciences.

In 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Vinnytsia National Medical University named after MI Pyrogov.

Since 2010 - Senior Laboratory Assistant of the Department of Surgical Dentistry, VNMU named after MI Pirogov. since 2012 - assistant - trainee of the Department of Surgery №2 with the course "Fundamentals of Dentistry", since 2013 - Assistant of the course of Fundamentals of Dentistry of the Department of Surgery №2 VNMU named after MI Pirogov.
Received 3 patents for utility models, published 12 scientific papers, 1 innovation proposal.

Passed an internship at the Department of Dentistry of the Institute of Postgraduate Education of NMU named after OO Bogomolets "Basic aspects of 3D printing in dentistry" June 11 - 15, 2018, Kyiv. 
Also visited Addenbrooke`s Annual Facial Trauma Plating Course (The Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Center) November 25-26, 2015, Cambridge, England; Theoretical and practical training course  ICX-implant system (medentis medical) April 24-28, 2018, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany; 24th Congress of the European Association of Cranial - Maxillofacial Surgeons September 18-21, 2018, Munich, Germany. 
Dissertation research on the topic: "experimental justification for the use of cryoplasma for the correction of reparative osteogenesis of the mandible" ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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