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Tooth extraction of all levels of difficulty in Vinnytsia


Sometimes tooth extraction, and especially wisdom tooth extraction, is a full-fledged operation that requires the surgeon's professionalism, experience and the availability of special equipment and practical skills.

Wisdom teeth - eight teeth - erupt last in the dentition, most often in the period from 16 to 30 years, and sometimes later, and can cause a lot of worries associated with anomalies of eruption (inflammation, pain, crowding of teeth during eruption towards the dentition, etc.).

In such situations there is a question of surgical treatment and tooth extraction.

Retention of wisdom teeth

Retention is a violation of tooth eruption when he:  

  1. It does not erupt completely (incomplete retention, semi-retention, semi-retained tooth) - the mucous membrane (gum) covers the tooth not completely, but in the form of a hood. 

  2. Does not erupt at all (complete retention, fully retained tooth). In this case, the tooth in the mouth is not defined, the crown of such a tooth can be completely covered not only with the mucous membrane (gum), but also with bone. 

Due to the peculiarities of wisdom teeth (late eruption, rather large tooth size and lack of milk precursor), their rudiments are often placed incorrectly in the jaw bone, which greatly complicates the eruption of these teeth or makes it impossible.  

Very often due to its low location in the mandibular bone, the wisdom tooth can lie with its roots on the nerve canal or vascular - the nerve bundle can pass between the roots of the tooth. In such cases, rough tooth extraction is unacceptable, as it can injure the nerve, which in turn will lead to impaired sensitivity of the skin and teeth in the area of innervation.  


What should you ask your doctor about before removing a tooth?

Before deciding which doctor to remove a tooth, especially if it is retained and "complex" teeth, the specialist should ask a number of questions.

What should you ask your doctor before removing teeth ?:

  1. What is your doctor's experience with removing such teeth (rather than removing teeth in general)? _ Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  2. Does he have at his disposal piezosurgical devices  for atraumatic sawing of teeth near nerve canals and other important anatomical formations? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  3. Sometimes there are complications when removing teeth, even a fracture of the jaw due to excessive pressure on the bone during rough removal. You should ask your doctor if he can treat various complications, including fractures of the jaw, and if he can provide qualified care if necessary?  

Clinical case: retention

This clinical case clearly demonstrates the need to pay proper attention to the removal of teeth by an experienced surgeon and the need for special equipment to minimize injuries. 

ретенция удаление ретенированного зуба винница

The picture shows that the tooth is located deep in the jaw and lies directly on the nerve. 

if there is no necessary equipment (microsurgical tip with cooling, piezosurgical saws), the trauma of such an operation increases tenfold due to the need to cut a large area of bone, as well as the high probability of nerve damage with rough tools. In addition, a fracture of the jaw is possible during such an operation due to excessive pressure on the jaw during rough removal. 

The operation is performed in  complete sterility with increased cooling of the bone to prevent overheating and, consequently, bone necrosis in the future. 

Modern equipment, qualification of maxillofacial surgeon, as well as many years of experience, will allow me to remove such teeth quickly, painlessly and safely for the patient. 

Operation time - 30 minutes. 


The tooth is sprayed specifically with a piezosurgical device to prevent nerve damage, as well as to preserve the bone tissue of the patient's lower jaw. 


After tooth extraction:

The bone tissue of the lower jaw of this patient is completely preserved. despite the large volume of teeth that were removed, which is clearly visible in the control images after removal.


After tooth extraction surgery:

  • The sensitivity of the lower lip is not affected. which means that the nerve is not damaged. 

  • The bone tissue of the jaw is completely preserved. 

  • Postoperative edema is insignificant and will pass quickly. 

  • No pain after removing complex teeth! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

And this is the result of the application of modern technologies and experience of maxillofacial surgery. 

You can handle the most difficult cases and get qualified help in Vinnytsia from a maxillofacial surgeon. 

Clinical case: removal of wisdom teeth before orthodontic treatment. 

The question of removing teeth before orthodontic treatment is quite common and in most cases it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth. This is done not only because of the crowding of the teeth, but also to prevent unwanted problems during the orthodontic treatment. This is especially true of retained and semi-retained wisdom teeth. 

Удаление зубов мудрости.jpeg

In this patient in preparation for the installation of braces - the system and the need to remove wisdom teeth. 

The difficulty was the fact that the teeth with their roots were located on the nerve canal, which is important for the sensitivity of the skin of the chin and other teeth.

In this situation, rough removal is absolutely unacceptable, in order to avoid damage to the nerve bundle.



Atraumatic removal of wisdom teeth was performed using a piezosurgical device with increased bone turnover to prevent overheating and necrosis in the future.

After removal:  

  1. The bone tissue of the cavity of the extracted teeth is completely preserved. 

  2. The sensitivity of the skin and teeth is preserved - the nerve bundles are not damaged.

  3. The patient is satisfied with the work of her doctor. 

Отзыв пациента.PNG

The patient is satisfied with what she wrote in her profile on Instagram. 

If you are faced with the need for atraumatic removal of complex wisdom teeth, an experienced maxillofacial surgeon in Vinnytsia will help you even in the most difficult cases. 

I remove wisdom teeth of all levels of complexity quickly, painlessly and safely for you in conditions of complete sterility with the use of modern equipment (microsurgical tip with cooling, piezosurgical saws).

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