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Implantation in an aesthetically significant area

Implantation in an aesthetically important area requires special skills and professionalism of your surgeon to achieve good aesthetic results.

This is especially important when replacing dentition defects in the anterior upper jaw, as this area is very noticeable to others and the smallest defects of soft and hard tissues (asymmetry of the gingival margin, discoloration of the gums, the presence of depressed defects, fistulas, etc. ) create significant aesthetic and psychological discomfort for the patient.

Clinical case 1:
Treatment of a complex case of an aesthetic defect of the dentition 

Patient O. complained of an aesthetic defect in the dentition.

Examination revealed a defect of the gingival margin, caries and exposure of the root of 21 teeth. Numerous removals of cysts of this tooth were performed earlier. 

There is a bone defect in the affected tooth that does not allow implantation without bone grafting. 

The patient underwent simultaneous bone grafting and implantation.

Usually in such cases, a two-stage operation is performed: bone grafting and only after some time - implantation, but our clinic successfully uses the technique one-stage bone grafting and implantation.

After  5-6 months a permanent crown was installed on the integrated dental implant. 

Restoration of adjacent teeth was carried out. 

Achieved a good aesthetic result, the patient is satisfied.

Clinical case 2:

Tooth extraction and simultaneous implantation in an aesthetically significant area.

The 27-year-old patient complained of mobility of the crown part of 11 teeth, which appeared during eating when biting and loading the tooth, as well as a change in the color of the gingival papilla in the area of this tooth.

Previously, the tooth was repeatedly subjected to endodontic treatment and restoration.

After computed tomography, the diagnosis was: Fracture of the root of 11 teeth with displacement of fragments. 

Taking into account the profession and age of the patient, as well as the anamnesis of life, it was decided to remove 11 teeth with one-time dental implantation with immediate functional restoration on the implant._cc781905-5cb-315 -136bad5cf58d_

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