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Our advantages:  

  • Comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to treatment.

  • Admission of doctors - associates in one Medical Center.


1. Pain in the 8th tooth or disease of the mandibular joint can mimic ear disease in the form of pain, contacting our center you will be examined by an otolaryngologist, dentist and dental surgeon (maxillofacial surgeon) and you do not have to waste time visiting several different clinics.

2. Disorders of nasal breathing and tonsillitis (hr. Tonsillitis, etc.) leads to a decrease in local immunity  oral cavity and the destruction of teeth (caries, periodontitis) and gums.

3. Unsaturated oral cavity can cause chronic tonsillitis and rhinosinusitis.

4. Tumors in adjacent areas (nose and mouth, etc.) that mimic inflammatory diseases of the ENT - organs or organs of the oral cavity.

5. Before each operation you will undergo complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity and nasal cavity. 

Admission to the otolaryngologist
in Vinnytsia

- Acute and chronic otitis media;
- Otitis externa;
- Foreign bodies of ENT organs;

- Disorders of nasal breathing;
- Vasomotor rhinitis;
- Snoring, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome;
- Acute and chronic tonsillitis;
- Sinusitis (sinusitis, frontitis,  
- Polyps of the ENT organs;
- Adenoid vegetations;
- Bleeding from the ENT organs;
- Fractures of the nasal bones;
- PHO wounds ENT - organs;

When should you go to the ENT?

There are a number of conditions that signal to us the need to see a doctor:

  • Noise and pain in the ears

  • Pain in the throat

  • Congestion and secretion of mucus from the nose

  • Weakening or complete absence of smell, hearing

  • Snore

  • Tubes and plaque on the tonsils

  • Hoarseness or hoarseness

  • Bleeding from the nose

  • Foreign objects in the throat, ears, nose

  • Discharge from the ear

  • Sulfur plugs

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