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Implantation with complete loss of teeth

Complete absence of teeth (complete adentia) brings a lot of trouble: due to the lack of teeth suffers from the gastrointestinal tract, gums and temporomandibular joint, impaired articulation, the patient experiences significant psychological discomfort.


In addition, the issue of premature aging of the face with tooth loss is extremely important and relevant. The loss of teeth leads not only to the loss of masticatory function, but also to the premature appearance of signs of bone aging of the face, which is especially pronounced in the loss of a significant number or all teeth on the upper and lower jaw. In patients with loss of teeth and bone mass of the jaws and, as a consequence, a decrease in the vertical ratio of the jaws, a decrease in the height of the lower third of the face is particularly noticeable.

Signs of aging in this case:

  • reducing the height of the middle third of the face;

  • protrusion in front and slightly up the chin, deepening the pit between the chin and lower lip;

  • sinking of the lips, which are folded inward, reducing their visible part;

  • lowering the corners of the mouth, deepening the nasolabial folds;

  • sinking of the cheeks inside, etc.

імпланти зигома.jpg

Loss of teeth inevitably leads to loss of jaw bone - atrophy of the alveolar sprout. Bone resorption further exacerbates changes in facial contours, adversely affecting the patient's appearance, psychological state and comfort.  

Unfortunately, quite often when consulting such patients we have to hear that according to other specialists due to the total lack of bone tissue in the upper and lower jaw, implantation is impossible. Fortunately, this is not always justified, and the rehabilitation of patients with complete adentia of the upper and lower jaws is possible according to proven implantation protocols on short and long implants, and subsequent prosthetics on implants.

Complete loss of teeth?

Not enough bone for implantation? - We will find the optimal solution even in the most difficult situation.

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Clinical case 1:

Implantation with the full essence of the teeth on the upper and lower jaw

Implantation with complete loss of functionally justified teeth on the upper and lower jaw on the background of generalized periodontitis. 

виличні імплантати.jpg

Clinical case 2:

Implantation with complete loss of teeth on the upper and lower jaw

Встановлення виличних імплантатів типу Zygoma в ділянці верхньої щелепи з подальною ортопедичною реабілітацією з опорою на імплантати.

імпланти зигома.jpg
імпланти зигома.jpg
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